Learn more about 24HourDallas Member Committees

As a volunteer-powered organization, 24HourDallas relies on its members and sponsors to help shape our nighttime economy work in these areas of interest:

  • Women's safety
  • Economic development
  • Discrimination and prejudice
  • Private-sector leadership in addressing issues pertaining to safety, inclusion and vibrancy
  • Arts and cultural activation
  • Nighttime workforce
  • Relationships between operators and enforcement agencies
  • Transportation and public spaces 
  • Active bystander assistance and safe spaces
  • Human and sex trafficking
  • Thought leadership and communications
  • Stakeholder development and coalition building

The following 24HourDallas committees provide our members an opportunity to collaborate with other volunteers and address the challenges and opportunities of Dallas at night:

Anti-Human Trafficking

This team provides recommendations and actions that will reduce and intercept labor and sex trafficking in nighttime businesses and entertainment venues.

Arts and Culture

This team is charged with inspiring more arts and cultural experiences that will invigorate and demystify the night … and bring us back into a community. This committee organized our Ignite the Night Festival.

Communication *

The Communication Committee is responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive marketing plan. It assists in the development of concepts, plans, strategies, and themes to use in marketing, and it will ensure consistency is maintained in communication methods and style. The committee is also charged with communicating and gain support for what 24HourDallas and Dallas’ nighttime economy are about.

Economic Development

These leaders are tasked with developing meaningful insights and measures for Dallas’ nighttime economy. They also promote economic activity and increase economic opportunity at night. This committee is currently advocating for a nighttime economy impact study, helped organize our Nightwork Expo, and is developing a Nightwork Job bank.

Executive Committee *

The board's five officers as well as the past-president of the board, serve as members of the executive committee. Except for the power to amend the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, the executive committee shall have all the powers and authority of the board of directors in the intervals between meetings of the board and is subject to the direction and control of the full board.

Finance and Audit *

The board treasurer is the chair of the Finance and Audit Committee. The Finance and Audit Committee is responsible for developing and reviewing fiscal procedures, fundraising plans, and the annual budget. It is also responsible for internal controls like performing the annual audit.

Fundraising *

The Fundraising Committee is responsible for coordinating events to raise funds and to support the development of committee financial goals in collaboration with the board of directors and the executive committee. It also conducts evaluations of the effectiveness and results of fundraising activities.

Good Neighbor Initiative/Copper Star Program

The Good Neighbor Initiative is a comprehensive, community-based pilot program that aims to create safer nights out. Its signature component our voluntary Copper Star certification program that will recognize excellent nighttime operators in Dallas.

Governance and Nominating *

The Governance and Nominating Committee establish priorities for board composition, plans for board director recruitment and succession, oversees board development and takes the lead in performing board evaluations.


This group discusses, formulates and implements strategies for membership growth, membership promotions, membership benefits and networking opportunities.


Our placemaking volunteers are charged with advancing planning, urban design, transportation, and environmental priorities that create ideal nighttime places.

Respect and Inclusion

This committee deliberately ensures all races, ethnicities, faiths, cultural traditions, ages, economic classes, sexual orientations, abilities, and families have a place in our community. They are tasked with mediating conflict and coming to terms that take both emotions and laws into consideration.

Sidewalk Ambassadors

We wish to deploy peacekeepers, helpers and angels of mercy who share kindness and grace in Dallas’ nightlife districts. These ambassadors will provide support ranging from helping someone safely get to public transport or reconnecting them with friends.

Women's Safety

These volunteers provide recommendations and actions that will help women customers and employees be safe at night. This group also coordinates Women U-Night.

* An asterisk indicates Standing (or, required) Committees as prescribed by the 24HourDallas Bylaws

The Board of Directors also annually appoints an Advisory Council. Its members support the mission and work of 24HourDallas by providing expertise, professional knowledge and funding resources.